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Ms. Turner & Mrs. Battles (107)
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Ms. Caroleo & Ms. Chagnon (108)
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Week of June 15, 2020 Schedule


We have attached the math files for this week’s lessons. This week we are reviewing the different topics we have worked on over the past few weeks through the use of different activities and games.

Iready math 15 minutes per day

add and move
pick and write teen numbers
subtract and color
how many are left game
tens bingo


This year in writing we worked on writing our opinions. Remember, your opinion is what you think! Sometimes it is the same as other people’s opinions, and sometimes it is different.

Monday: Brainstorm, what do you love about your dad/grandpa/uncle?

Tuesday: Make a list of three things you love about them.

Wednesday: Turn your list into three complete sentences.

Thursday: Draw a picture to go along with your sentences.

Friday: Free write, write and draw about anything you would like!



Iready reading 15 minutes per day

  1. Log into Read Works by going to using the class code, everyone's password is 1234, you can change the password if you'd like after signing in. Please complete the two assignments on Read Works. If you are having trouble getting in or need any other help, please let me know! New Read Works assignments will be posted each week.

    107- code:  QSMUN2 password: 1234

    108- code: VDRQWC password: 1234

  2. Read a book to your child or let your child read a book to you.

Extra Reading resources if you would like: Log onto Scholastic Literacy Pro through the student application pages of, username is your child’s id number and password is Sp###### (their birthday mm/dd/yy) the same username and password as iready.

set 1 2 3 sight words

Social Studies/Science

Attached is a file for a weather graph that can be printed, or you can create one on your own! Each day for the month of June color in a square on the graph under the weather that is outside that day. At the end of the month send your weather graph to class dojo.


Monday: brainstorm ways you can stay safe during the summer

Tuesday: listen to the read aloud

Wednesday: listen to the read aloud

Thursday: listen to the read aloud

Friday: Scholastic news – “High Five for Summer Safety,” under May/June

Go to login using our classroom password: sunred1108

Listen to the magazine, watch the video, do the activity on page 4, play the game.

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